Boss Babe Gayatri Raghavan launched Designz by Raga in 2018 with the mission of providing women with luxury, one-of-a-kind pieces at an affordable price.

Raghavan lived in India for more than 30 years where she had access to the most beautiful and finely crafted fabrics and beading in the world. Fashion became her third language and when she saw that companies were charging up to $1,000 for pieces she could produce for a fraction of that cost, she knew she had to create her own line so that all women had access to feel beautiful and upgrade their closets without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece.

Raghavan traveled to the United States, where she now resides and holds her headquarters. Every product from the Designz by Raga collection is proudly designed, created and sourced locally. The company is incorporating the bold colors and intricate embroidery work from her home country to make global garments that women from all cultures can proudly wear. #designzbyraga #femalefounded